Wikipedia + Job + College + DA
Now to talk about the extra stuff that I didn't talk about before. I'll be going in order with the title bar.

Lately, i've gotten back onto a Wikipedia kick, having become really involved with the processes. This generally happens to me every few months, though I think I might be here to stay this time. I've had the same account on Wikipedia since 2006 and edited as an anonymous IP address for a little bit before that. But, really, from then up until a few weeks ago, I didn't really do much. Sure, i'd had about 1600 edits from that time frame and had made a few nice articles and helped out here and there, but I don't feel like I really accomplished much.

But the last few weeks have been different. I've made over 300 edits in just two weeks and i've completed a number of new articles of rather good length. I've also submitted a number to DYK (the Did You Know section on the front page of Wikipedia) and also participated a lot more in Articles for Deletion. I feel like i'm actually making some sort of difference this time around and that's interesting.

Of course, i'm glad about the fact that i'm much more mature now than I used to be. I don't get into useless fights anymore, I generally concentrate only on things I actually have a chance of winning. I also no longer just blow up on people that annoy me and argue against me. Instead, I focus on policy and logic in order to get my way. It's really a lot of fun.

And it's nice to feel like i'm contributing to something.

Second topic.

It looks like I might just be getting a job...maybe. I got an interview, at least. It was last Thursday and I feel like it went well. I just have to wait for them to call me back. It would be nice to have a job so I actually have money for stuff. That would help a large amount.

That's really all I have to say about that. Fingers crossed and all for getting it. I really need it.

Third topic.

Later today, i've got an interview with a therapeutic counselor. Hopefully, with his or her help, i'll be able to get a letter to finish off the professional section of the dependency override form and then i'll be able to submit the form, which will then allow me to talk to a college counselor, which will then allow the counselor to finish inputing the FAFSA, which will then allow me to apply for housing, the waiver therein, and be done with pretty much everything I need to do for college.

Except for that math test. But i'm going to do that after I finish everything else, so I can really focus on it. There's no rush to do it anyways.

So...yeah...i've got my row of dominoes. Once i'm able to knock the first down, all the rest will fall over and everything will work out. Just got to knock that first one over though.

Fourth and last topic.

I haven't really used my DA in a while and I check it sparingly. I'm just no longer really interested in DA or the going on's there. So I think I might be closing my account within the next week. It might not be forever, but it'll be for a few months, at least.

I've got a few loose ends to tie up on there and i'll be making a final journal to explain everything, but yeah...I really don't need that account anymore. I have much more interesting accounts in other places that allows me to connect with people more and to get better critique.

Just wanted to let whoever's reading this know about that.

And that's all I got for news for right now. I'll make another journal before Sunday if something else comes up that I want to talk about. It'll probably be about what happen later today, most likely. Until then, ciao.

D&Ded Part 4
Sorry i've been gone for two weeks. I've just been doing stuff and I pretty much completely forgot to update. Sorry about that. I'm planning on making another update tomorrow, fingers crossed, which will include whatever + "something" stuff I generally put into these D&D updates. It's just going to be more other stuff to talk about, so they deserve their own article. So expect that after I sleep. For now, i'll brief you on D&D. All Eberron this time. :3

So, last Sunday...we didn't do much. We got to the port city and we spent the session gearing up for our trip to the marshes to search for dragon shards. We all picked up some important gear here and there and got our gold from the last few missions and everything.

Then, we met our prospector, who is this grizzly, weathered old half-orc woman. She looks old, but also like she's been through a lot, which made her look even older, so she may not be as old as we think. 50s-60s, most likely. Especially since half-orcs have slightly lesser life spans than humans.

From her and some other people around, we learned more about the marshes and the creatures we were going to be dealing with.

It appears that there is a perimeter of living tree monsters, they're aberrations, surrounding a certain area of the marsh. It is clear that they are forming a perimeter because of how they're placed and the prospectors who have tried to get past them have all been killed. From the areas just outside of the perimeter, which contained a number of smaller dragon shards, the prospectors surmised that much bigger ones were inside the perimeter.

Also, one group that got near to the trees saw some sort of humanoid figures off in the distance inside the perimeter, along with some kind of spiky animal.

And that's all we got last session. It ended with us getting on our boat for the six hour trip to the marshes.

This session, we landed on one of the more solid parts of the marshes and we saw a tree ahead, along with a rather large dragon shard geode sitting in front of it. Three members of the party handily won their will save and saw through the illusion. Our wacky Shifter Bard/Cleric of the Traveler yelled out at the tree that it's tricks weren't going to work on us. Then the geode faded away, as it appeared the tree understood Common.

We all jumped over to dry land, across the muck part, and advanced on the tree. Our human fighter/cleric of the Silver Flame, Shifter  bard/cleric of the Traveler, and Warforged Psion/Fighter advanced on the tree and attacked. We had cast all of our buffs earlier, so we had like +5's to +10's to attack and also +6's to damage. So we were good to go. I cast Doom on it and threw my fiery Meteoric Knife at it. That, combined with everyone else pummeling it, it died pretty quickly. It tried to escape by going into the ground, but that prompted opportunity attacks from the frontline fighters. And our Silver Flame cleric critted. Let's just say the tree died hard.

Our DM was expecting the tree to get away and recover for later, not for us to kill it. So now we don't have to worry about fighting it again, lucky that. Afterwards, we advanced inward a bit and the prospectors got to work collecting dragon shards with their Dragon Marks of Finding.

Then, when it started getting dark, we noticed a humanoid figure off in the distance. We couldn't make him out very well, but he blew a horn and retreated. We also retreated back to the boats, with the party camping out where the tree used to be.

Just as the sun was about to go behind the horizon, we were approached. It turns out that the humanoid figures were Githyanki and the spiky animals were Howlers. So that should be fun. There's two Githyanki and one Howler, so it shouldn't be too bad. Just don't get too close. At least I can use Hold Person and Command on them (I couldn't use them on the tree because it was neither a person nor had a understandable mind for me to control).

And that's where we ended for the session.

Next session should be fun.

So, i'll be making an update after I sleep about my going ons and what i'm up to. See you then.

D&Ded Part 3 (4th ED.) + Discworld
So I missed my deadline...badly. And I totally didn't make any other entries during the week either, my bad. I've just been so tired lately. I guess everything is catching up to me all at once. :/

But enough about that, onto D&D.

This Sunday we went away from Eberron and went back to 4th edition D&D, largely because we hadn't played it for two months. It was kinda hard for me to switch back over, considering that Clain is an Invoker, which is a long range spell-caster, while Drel is very much a close-range attacker. And i've also kinda decided against my previous idea that the battle system in 4th ed is better. Yes, it's clearer and my abilities do a heck of a lot more damage and everything, but it's also very rigid. There's no ability to improvise or use your abilities in wacky ways, like Eberron gives you the freedom to do. 4th ed just doesn't allow that. In fact, it specifically states in the rule book that you can't do stuff like that, which is disheartening. It's nice when a game gives you a bit of rein to do different things and not get stuck in a grind of the same attacks over and over again.

I don't want to go over the entire storyline of our 4th ed game so far. It's nowhere near as interesting as Eberron. Long story short, we're investigating a monastery to warn them of an oncoming orc invasion force. When we got there, we found that the orcs had already gotten in and killed all of the dwarves.

We fought our way through down into the basement of the monastery, where we were able to rescue a dwarf paladin before the orcs collapsed the cave in front of us so we could go no further. Following his lead, we went into the vent tunnels and headed for the nexus so we could bring down the roof there and stop the orcs from being able to get through the mountain to get to the town on the other side.

We came across some ancient dwarfish traps and some iron dogs and a walking crossbow. We fought was hard, we almost died. But we won and we ended it there. The encounter took quite a while. That's all we did...really.

See what I mean by it not being as interesting as Eberron.

Hopefully next week, we'll do more than just a single encounter, but I doubt it. I really just don't find 4th ed all that fun anymore.

In other news, I was on the lookout for some free MMO's I could play for fun, not really having much else to do. I ended up trying Puzzle Pirates, which was fun, just a little tedious. And then my friends suggested I try some MUDs. The first MUD I came across as described to me as being good was Aetolia. I admit, the history, descriptions, and everything on the main site were incredibly detailed. I loved reading through them.

But when I started the actual MUD, the tutorial was rather confusing and not very helpful to the player and after the tutorial, you were dropped off in a beach in the middle of nowhere, not even told where the nearest city was. I wandered around for a bit and, after getting killed by a seagull and then a caterpillar, I got fed up and quit. It really was just not a player friendly game. While i'm sure it's got some great and interesting things in it, the effort it would take to figure out how everything works and get to that point just wasn't worth it, from what I saw.

Then my friends said that I should try the Discworld MUD, which one of my friends currently plays. I did. And loved it.

The tutorial was incredibly straight forward and helpful, explaining all of the main parts of the MUD in great detail, if you wanted it to. After you left the tutorial, it gave you the choice of what country (city, really) you wanted to be a part of. I decided on the usual beginner town and thief haven, where stealing is legal, Ankh-Morpork, because I wanted to be a thief.

It dropped me off in a bar in the city. I admit, I was kind of lost when that happened and wondering what I should do, though I was having a lot of fun wandering around. Luckily, the other players are extremely friendly and helpful and priest offered to teleport me to the Thieves' Guild. Therein, I met up with my friend, who is also a thief, and he showed me how the guild worked and how I should go about doing thiefy things. After that, I was hooked and have been having a lot of fun ever since. I have played for a total of 19 hours so far and am at level 27.

I plan to be playing Discworld for a long time to come.

D&Ded Part 2 + Other Things
I'm sorry it's been so long since i've made an update. I was planning on making one every day, but I guess i'm just not able to keep to that schedule. I've been kinda busy doing many different things. Which I will tell you all about now. :D

But first, a D&D story update. This session we didn't have any encounters and it was entirely roleplaying. I am not the voice of the party, most certainly not, so I admit that I really didn't catch all of the details. My attention sort of drifted. But i'll do my best to recollect what happened.

So, last thing I told you was that the encounter at our camp site ended. We got some pretty cool armor and the symbiotic arms from it and also a bunch of other junk, like alchemical swords. I also got a Masterwork Thieves' Tools kit, as I had only been using a regular one, so that bumped up my Disable Device and Open lock skills by two, which is always handy.

After that, we finished our journey to Neirn and talked to the High Druid guy. After recounting the details of how we discovered the artifact and what it caused around it (the limestone growths on the walls) and the fact that the symbol was somewhat like Aquan, he told us that there is a possibility that we were dealing with a bound elemental. So, in order to seal it away, we would need to get some Khyber shards (dragon shards) of a good size, which would focus the energies. We determined that the best place to find such shards would be in the marshes and we would need the help of one of the Houses.

So we then traveled to Greenholm, where we talked to the House (something whose name I can't spell) people, where they said they would allow us to go into one of their marsh digging spots if we escorted a prospector in and helped him look, while protecting him from the evil monsters in the marshes. We agreed and he arranged for us to ride on one of the wind sky boats, which are boats made of soarwood, which is ridiculously light, and propelled by a bound air elemental. We paid our fee for the trip and set off and that's pretty much it for that session.

We ended up watching one friend play Star Trek Online after that. ^_^;

So that was our session. We're going to be doing the next stage of our 4th ed campaign next week instead of more Eberron, since we haven't done 4th ed for over a month. It's going to be weird not using Drel and switching over to Clain. His abilities and fighting styles are so different. It'll be hard to get back into.

In other news, i've been able to narrow down what else I need to do for college into a step by step list that will work in a domino fashion once I have everything lined up. The end result of this will also be a part of me getting housing, which means I will actually be completely done in preparing for college...other than the math placement test. I still have to do that. -_-; But I have much time to prepare for that, so i'm going to take it.

As for a job...still nothing on that front, sadly. But i'll keep persevering. Hopefully something will come up eventually. If not...oh well, I guess. :/ Then i'll just need to focus on scholarships instead.

If I hadn't mentioned before, i'm going to be doing National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) this year, in November. My novel has slowly been unfolding and revealing more of itself to me, especially in the past few days. It's been a series of startling revelations too. My novel, apparently, is going to be a part of a series, not just a standalone book. The sequel has also already started revealing some details, like the main character and the general setting, so that's rather exciting. I've got almost the entire layout of the first book laid out in my head (a pun), so I just need to work toward writing the outline for it and filling in the gaps that are still missing.

The titles also revealed themselves to me last night. The first book is called Mirrored Dreams, it is Book 1 of The Convergence Saga. Book 2 is called Faded Dreams.

Funny enough, i've also got the picture perfect vision of what I want the covers to look like too. If the time ever comes that i've going to get them published, i'll have to make sure to be very particular on who I choose to draw it. Likely someone from DA and FA.

That's all for now. I'll try to keep my updates coming in a much shorter time frame than a week. ^_^; But at least you'll know that there will always, or close to always, be a Sunday/Monday D&D update from me. Anything else will be kind of random. But i'll do my best.

Every Sunday after our weekly D&D game, i'm going to come on here and talk about what happened. If you're not interested in D&D, then go away. :P

Anyhow, for you, my dear reader, to understand what exactly was going on in today's session, I must detail what happened in past sessions, though i'm going to be sparing and only go over the plot details so as to save time. Otherwise, this entry might end up being a novella length attempt. Which I so do not have the time for!

Anyhow, I joined the crew after they had already been in sessions through a few campaigns at the time, they were all level 3, if that's any indication of time to you. My character's name is Drel. He is a Whisper Gnome. Since we are running a high-powered Gestalt campaign, every character is dual-classing, which means that they are two types of classes simultaneously, not just one. For me, i'm part Rogue, which should be obvious for a gnome, and I am also an Archivist. An Archivist is one of the newer types of classes, which came into being in junction with the Artificier, I think. Anyhow, an Archivist has the ability to cast every type of Divine magic, granted that he is able to obtain a scroll or spellbook that has the spell inscribed. Awesomely, this means that he can cast both Cleric and Druid spells, along with any other Divine spells for other classes, no matter the type. Though he cannot cast any Arcane spells, so no Fireball or Magic Missile for me. My spells are more for healing, buffing, or helping with my Roguish tendencies.Whisper Gnomes also get a bunch of racial trait extras, but i'm not going to bother saying what they are, since they don't really matter to you, my reader, anyhow. If you want to know, go look it up on D&D Insider.

Also, the world we're playing in is Eberron, an alternative D&D world, which is really a lot more fun because it gives greater opportunities for roleplaying and allows the DM to be more free in his/her creation of the campaign. The world itself also has a very interesting storyline that I like far better than normal D&D and the play system is much better than, say, 4th ed.

On to plot.

So, quite a while time ago when I first joined the campaign, the group was searching through a series of old catacombs in a rundown part of a city whose name I can't remember. They had been finding large amounts of limestone deposits that seemed to have grown far too quickly to be normal and also found in one chamber a bunch of cages with prisoners. The prisoners were an elf and some fish men. The creatures holding them were the other type of fish men, more shark men really. So, I join in the party at this point, we say I was breaking in too and hiding stealthily in the corner. We kill the bad fishmen, release the prisoners and continue the search. In the final room, we run into a fish man cleric or magic caster or something, along with some weird tentacled abomination that was being referred to as the Leviathan. We killed them, after a tough battle in which the Leviathan exploded in multiple tiny Leviathans with poison attacks, and collected the treasure. I got a really awesome Meteoric Knife from the encounter, which has the ability to return to my hand after i've thrown it, hit the opponent while on fire and then return, or hit the opponent, explode, and then return, once per day. It does 3d6 extra damage from the exploding. It's awesome.

Anyhow, we also found some kind of strange, pure black artifact that is about two hands tall and looked rather frightening. It was this object that the other people of the party had been sent to find and bring back to a professor at the nearby university. I had been sent by the Library of...Corinth? to also find this and make sure it was safely delivered to the right hands. So we were pretty much on the same path.

When we exit the catacombs, we are confronted by a bunch of undead and a vampire that is wearing something that identifies him as belonging to the Emerald Claw. They're this evil group of evil that does evil things and whatnot. I don't really know all that much about them myself. The fishmen and the elf come back to help us in the fight. We slaughter the undead and the vampire runs away without even being able to do anything even remotely effective. It was quite amusing.

We bring the artifact to the professor. He says he needs to study it and that it will probably take a week or so. He then asks us if we can make sure that this magic armor that was received from some sort of auction safely gets delivered by train to this town called Passage in the meantime. We agree and do so. On the train ride to passage, we get ambushed by a group of people who teleported on top of the train. We fight them and kill them through some rather imaginative spellwork and fighting. Upon beating them, we find that someone else is trying to steal the crate down below. We rush down and fight the thief, who had been caught and harmed by the myriad of traps we had set, and find out that he is also working for the Emerald Claw. He was a Necromancer/Rogue, actually. Necromancers have some pretty bad-ass abilities. Oh, and one of the people on top of the train had been of the Duskblade class, which are pretty awesome too.

So we tie him up and get to Passage, delivering him and the merchandise to the right people. We then go and collect our money from the bank for the job, whereupon we receive a note from the professor (we're onto what happened in today's session now) that says that he was able to figure out, through the help of a magic casting acquaintance, that the artifact is emanating...something. Something bad. So he locked it in a Anti-magic room for the time being. But those rooms are expensive, so we should hurry up. He says that we should go and get the help of a Arch Druid that he knows that lives in the Eldeen Reaches. To get there, we have to cross this freaking huge lake, 300 miles across. Luckily, Passage is a port on this lake. And Passage has wind galleys, which go really freaking fast because they use the power of Dragonmarked guys to direct the wind. Oh, and I have a Lesser Dragonmark of Scribing myself. It has to do with the plot of the world of Eberron. Dragonmarks are awesome.

So, we take a wind galley across, it only takes us a day or two. Then we get a coach to take us the rest of the way to the city of Neirn, where the druid is. During the night that we are camping, being halfway there, we get ambushed by a human, a gnoll, and a Dire Ape. ...monkeys. You never want to fight monkeys or apes in Eberron, or D&D for that matter. They are the most evil things ever. They get four attacks per round and they can use Rend on you if a certain attack hits. Which just means you die. You die really hard. Luckily, we were able to gang up on the Dire Ape, while casting Calm Emotions on the other two so they just stood there doing nothing, and killed the Ape without it hurting us. It only had about 25 hitpoints anyhow, lucky for us. And then we one by one killed the other two. I got to use my explodey knife and did 18 damage. I love my explodey knife. Though I wasn't able to sneak attack anyone, sadly, but it worked out fine.

The human had three alchemical swords, which means they were imbued with alchemical fire, alchemical frost, and...the last one was something else that possibly was holy water mixed with something. We had no idea. And the gnoll had an intelligent, symbiotic, evil tentacle arm. Which came off when it died. We stuffed it in a box. We may use it, since it doesn't have the power to take any of us over. Though we're not sure exactly what its main attack is, other than that it can poison someone, since we killed the gnoll before it could use it.

Oh, and the human was a Hexblade. I know, another "blade" class. We were joking around trying to guess what other classes there could be with a "blade" title in it. I'm still going for Nightblade. Hexblades have an innate ability to curse someone once per day and it hurts their rolls and such. It was a pretty nasty curse and it hit our cleric, which was amusing.

And that's all I know so far, since the session ended there. Next time, we're going to examine the corpses more closely and it has been strongly hinted that we'll find something Emerald Claw related on them, obviously. Also, the human was able to cast Dancing Lights into the air before he died, which acts like a flare. So that means he was informing someone about us...which means we might need to move to another spot rather quickly next time to hide. But I guess we'll have to find out next Sunday. It's going to be fun. :3

If you have any specific questions about my character, the campaign, or the world of Eberron, feel free to ask and i'll answer to the best of my ability.

Math really, really sucks
I'm apparently good at it, but that doesn't make me like it any more. It's still a horrible subject of evil that I have to slog through to get to my true love, biology. I like history too, actually, I like history a lot, but I really don't want to be a history major. Nothing I find compelling career-wise in that direction.

Anyhow...yeah, math. I have to do a stupid math placement test. I can do it online, sure, and yeah, I can take it three times. But that doesn't make me hate it any less. Especially not after I looked at the practice test and realized that I knew what the questions were asking me to do, but I had no idea on how to do it. Especially the trig. Trig is an abomination. I liked calculus more than straight trig just because calculus made more sense than trig, which is backwards, I know.

Luckily, I don't have to do the test immediately, so i'm going to hold off on it for a few days and study and work my way through the practice test. Hopefully most of it will come back to me and I won't have a problem with it. It would be awesome to get a perfect score.

Of course, the test isn't binding or anything. It just calculates my score and advises me on which math class I should end up taking. But i'd still prefer to do well and be in the harder class, if only to not have to take an extra class later on. Money and all that. I can still take the harder class even if I score horribly, but i'd just feel more confident in myself if I know that I am completely and absolutely qualified.
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Why do they have to be all "business-like"?
Thank god i'm nearly done with setting everything up for college. It is an incredible hassle to do everything with the minimal information I have to give, but i'm getting it done. I've only got three main things left to do and then i'll be done. They are, in order of how I plan to do them:

  • Pay for and sign up for a meeting, preferably one in late August would be great.
  • Find out if i'm exempt from this pre-test...test thing. The site says that SAT and ACT scores, if they are high enough, can allow me to be exempt from taking it. My scores are ridiculously higher than what I need. (A 1300 on the SAT, are you serious?) So I need to call and find out if I am exempt and also if I need to talk to someone and mark my name off some list for it or something. Hopefully it's something I can get done and checked off MY list within ten minutes. Fingers crossed.
  • The last and hardest thing on my list. Housing. It is expensive. And they require a deposit. And the longer I wait, the worse type of housing i'm going to get. I need to talk to someone and see if I can somehow either work toward getting a scholarship to pay for the deposit or if maybe I can get a Student Loan to pay for it. There's got to be something.

However, all of these things are going to have to wait, considering that the student office is only open Monday-Friday, nine to five. Ugh... -_-; I thought they were supposed to be serving the students, not be a business that sucks up money. Oh...wait. :P

Yeah, so all of that is going to have to wait until Monday. Unfortunately. Oh well, such is life. I just hope I can get everything to work out without any undue complications. It's all gone really well so far.

But either way, i'm going to need to get a job really, really soon. It is a top priority and has been a top priority for a while now. I'm slowly going crazy here while filling out these job applications from which I don't even hear a reply to say no you didn't get the job. >_> Makes me want to stab someone. My friends call it the Catch 22 of the job industry. If you're someone like me who has never had a job in their entire life, then it is hard to get a first job, because practically every job requires a minimum of experience in whatever field it is, regardless of education level or anything like that. And you can't get the experience unless you get the job and you can't get the job unless you have the experience and so on and so forth. Please just let me stab someone.

I don't know if I should have my hopes up or what. This definitely doesn't seem to be working. :/


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