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Why do they have to be all "business-like"?
Thank god i'm nearly done with setting everything up for college. It is an incredible hassle to do everything with the minimal information I have to give, but i'm getting it done. I've only got three main things left to do and then i'll be done. They are, in order of how I plan to do them:

  • Pay for and sign up for a meeting, preferably one in late August would be great.
  • Find out if i'm exempt from this pre-test...test thing. The site says that SAT and ACT scores, if they are high enough, can allow me to be exempt from taking it. My scores are ridiculously higher than what I need. (A 1300 on the SAT, are you serious?) So I need to call and find out if I am exempt and also if I need to talk to someone and mark my name off some list for it or something. Hopefully it's something I can get done and checked off MY list within ten minutes. Fingers crossed.
  • The last and hardest thing on my list. Housing. It is expensive. And they require a deposit. And the longer I wait, the worse type of housing i'm going to get. I need to talk to someone and see if I can somehow either work toward getting a scholarship to pay for the deposit or if maybe I can get a Student Loan to pay for it. There's got to be something.

However, all of these things are going to have to wait, considering that the student office is only open Monday-Friday, nine to five. Ugh... -_-; I thought they were supposed to be serving the students, not be a business that sucks up money. Oh...wait. :P

Yeah, so all of that is going to have to wait until Monday. Unfortunately. Oh well, such is life. I just hope I can get everything to work out without any undue complications. It's all gone really well so far.

But either way, i'm going to need to get a job really, really soon. It is a top priority and has been a top priority for a while now. I'm slowly going crazy here while filling out these job applications from which I don't even hear a reply to say no you didn't get the job. >_> Makes me want to stab someone. My friends call it the Catch 22 of the job industry. If you're someone like me who has never had a job in their entire life, then it is hard to get a first job, because practically every job requires a minimum of experience in whatever field it is, regardless of education level or anything like that. And you can't get the experience unless you get the job and you can't get the job unless you have the experience and so on and so forth. Please just let me stab someone.

I don't know if I should have my hopes up or what. This definitely doesn't seem to be working. :/

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My first real job was McDonald's. :F

Technically my first "I has paycheck!" job was lawn care at a church.

But my first actual job was McDonald's. And I currently work at a grocery store.

Grocery, retail, and fast food industries rarely require prior work experience, but they're not exactly glamour jobs, either.

I've applied to a number of those too though and, for most, there's been no reply either through email or phone. I don't care about the job being glamorous, I care about having a job.

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