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D&Ded Part 2 + Other Things
I'm sorry it's been so long since i've made an update. I was planning on making one every day, but I guess i'm just not able to keep to that schedule. I've been kinda busy doing many different things. Which I will tell you all about now. :D

But first, a D&D story update. This session we didn't have any encounters and it was entirely roleplaying. I am not the voice of the party, most certainly not, so I admit that I really didn't catch all of the details. My attention sort of drifted. But i'll do my best to recollect what happened.

So, last thing I told you was that the encounter at our camp site ended. We got some pretty cool armor and the symbiotic arms from it and also a bunch of other junk, like alchemical swords. I also got a Masterwork Thieves' Tools kit, as I had only been using a regular one, so that bumped up my Disable Device and Open lock skills by two, which is always handy.

After that, we finished our journey to Neirn and talked to the High Druid guy. After recounting the details of how we discovered the artifact and what it caused around it (the limestone growths on the walls) and the fact that the symbol was somewhat like Aquan, he told us that there is a possibility that we were dealing with a bound elemental. So, in order to seal it away, we would need to get some Khyber shards (dragon shards) of a good size, which would focus the energies. We determined that the best place to find such shards would be in the marshes and we would need the help of one of the Houses.

So we then traveled to Greenholm, where we talked to the House (something whose name I can't spell) people, where they said they would allow us to go into one of their marsh digging spots if we escorted a prospector in and helped him look, while protecting him from the evil monsters in the marshes. We agreed and he arranged for us to ride on one of the wind sky boats, which are boats made of soarwood, which is ridiculously light, and propelled by a bound air elemental. We paid our fee for the trip and set off and that's pretty much it for that session.

We ended up watching one friend play Star Trek Online after that. ^_^;

So that was our session. We're going to be doing the next stage of our 4th ed campaign next week instead of more Eberron, since we haven't done 4th ed for over a month. It's going to be weird not using Drel and switching over to Clain. His abilities and fighting styles are so different. It'll be hard to get back into.

In other news, i've been able to narrow down what else I need to do for college into a step by step list that will work in a domino fashion once I have everything lined up. The end result of this will also be a part of me getting housing, which means I will actually be completely done in preparing for college...other than the math placement test. I still have to do that. -_-; But I have much time to prepare for that, so i'm going to take it.

As for a job...still nothing on that front, sadly. But i'll keep persevering. Hopefully something will come up eventually. If not...oh well, I guess. :/ Then i'll just need to focus on scholarships instead.

If I hadn't mentioned before, i'm going to be doing National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) this year, in November. My novel has slowly been unfolding and revealing more of itself to me, especially in the past few days. It's been a series of startling revelations too. My novel, apparently, is going to be a part of a series, not just a standalone book. The sequel has also already started revealing some details, like the main character and the general setting, so that's rather exciting. I've got almost the entire layout of the first book laid out in my head (a pun), so I just need to work toward writing the outline for it and filling in the gaps that are still missing.

The titles also revealed themselves to me last night. The first book is called Mirrored Dreams, it is Book 1 of The Convergence Saga. Book 2 is called Faded Dreams.

Funny enough, i've also got the picture perfect vision of what I want the covers to look like too. If the time ever comes that i've going to get them published, i'll have to make sure to be very particular on who I choose to draw it. Likely someone from DA and FA.

That's all for now. I'll try to keep my updates coming in a much shorter time frame than a week. ^_^; But at least you'll know that there will always, or close to always, be a Sunday/Monday D&D update from me. Anything else will be kind of random. But i'll do my best.

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Sunday and Monday have gone by and yet there was no D&D game update. D:

Whiner. :P

There, you happy now?

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