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D&Ded Part 3 (4th ED.) + Discworld
So I missed my deadline...badly. And I totally didn't make any other entries during the week either, my bad. I've just been so tired lately. I guess everything is catching up to me all at once. :/

But enough about that, onto D&D.

This Sunday we went away from Eberron and went back to 4th edition D&D, largely because we hadn't played it for two months. It was kinda hard for me to switch back over, considering that Clain is an Invoker, which is a long range spell-caster, while Drel is very much a close-range attacker. And i've also kinda decided against my previous idea that the battle system in 4th ed is better. Yes, it's clearer and my abilities do a heck of a lot more damage and everything, but it's also very rigid. There's no ability to improvise or use your abilities in wacky ways, like Eberron gives you the freedom to do. 4th ed just doesn't allow that. In fact, it specifically states in the rule book that you can't do stuff like that, which is disheartening. It's nice when a game gives you a bit of rein to do different things and not get stuck in a grind of the same attacks over and over again.

I don't want to go over the entire storyline of our 4th ed game so far. It's nowhere near as interesting as Eberron. Long story short, we're investigating a monastery to warn them of an oncoming orc invasion force. When we got there, we found that the orcs had already gotten in and killed all of the dwarves.

We fought our way through down into the basement of the monastery, where we were able to rescue a dwarf paladin before the orcs collapsed the cave in front of us so we could go no further. Following his lead, we went into the vent tunnels and headed for the nexus so we could bring down the roof there and stop the orcs from being able to get through the mountain to get to the town on the other side.

We came across some ancient dwarfish traps and some iron dogs and a walking crossbow. We fought was hard, we almost died. But we won and we ended it there. The encounter took quite a while. That's all we did...really.

See what I mean by it not being as interesting as Eberron.

Hopefully next week, we'll do more than just a single encounter, but I doubt it. I really just don't find 4th ed all that fun anymore.

In other news, I was on the lookout for some free MMO's I could play for fun, not really having much else to do. I ended up trying Puzzle Pirates, which was fun, just a little tedious. And then my friends suggested I try some MUDs. The first MUD I came across as described to me as being good was Aetolia. I admit, the history, descriptions, and everything on the main site were incredibly detailed. I loved reading through them.

But when I started the actual MUD, the tutorial was rather confusing and not very helpful to the player and after the tutorial, you were dropped off in a beach in the middle of nowhere, not even told where the nearest city was. I wandered around for a bit and, after getting killed by a seagull and then a caterpillar, I got fed up and quit. It really was just not a player friendly game. While i'm sure it's got some great and interesting things in it, the effort it would take to figure out how everything works and get to that point just wasn't worth it, from what I saw.

Then my friends said that I should try the Discworld MUD, which one of my friends currently plays. I did. And loved it.

The tutorial was incredibly straight forward and helpful, explaining all of the main parts of the MUD in great detail, if you wanted it to. After you left the tutorial, it gave you the choice of what country (city, really) you wanted to be a part of. I decided on the usual beginner town and thief haven, where stealing is legal, Ankh-Morpork, because I wanted to be a thief.

It dropped me off in a bar in the city. I admit, I was kind of lost when that happened and wondering what I should do, though I was having a lot of fun wandering around. Luckily, the other players are extremely friendly and helpful and priest offered to teleport me to the Thieves' Guild. Therein, I met up with my friend, who is also a thief, and he showed me how the guild worked and how I should go about doing thiefy things. After that, I was hooked and have been having a lot of fun ever since. I have played for a total of 19 hours so far and am at level 27.

I plan to be playing Discworld for a long time to come.

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Because I never know how much I'm going to ramble, my comments are separated by subject. :F


I remember the first MUD I ever played back when I was in Highschool. It was called Exile, and one of my friends got me into it. By the next two years, a huge portion of my friends at school played that game, and we had our own little Exile-cliche that had formed. This was amusing mostly because it was such a tiny game, I think it might have had 200 players online tops. It's a very simple MUD, not as vast or interesting as other ones that I've seen, but for some reason it just clicked with me and stuck.

I found it was incredibly user friendly, since I'd never even touched a MUD before then. It's Help system was more than enough for me to start figuring out what to do, and after a while I'd even made it my goal to hunt out newbies when they joined and assist them if they'd never played MUDs before.

I admit some of my bias for Exile might come from the fact that it helped me start my Lendral project, mostly due to a dream I had that involved my characters in the game, but I really did go out and try to join other MUDs after that. The thing is, other MUDs sometimes didn't click with me because they just seemed too vast. There was just too much, and it was overwhelming. Especially if I couldn't get a grasp on where I was in the world. If Exile was anything, it was very capable with its maps, unlike some others that I've played. :/ I've actually tried Aetolia once in the past, and Scott was playing it just recently, but I haven't had the urge to hop back onto MUDs myself these days.

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This is the comment about 4th Edition...

Scott and I were just talking about starting up 4th Edition again. We haven't really touched it since the initial source books came out, but we've been wanting to pick up the second Players Handbook and see what they've done to druid, bards, and barbarians. We both agree that it's fun enough for dungeon crawls, but the campaign we were running in 4th edition is being converted to d6 in order to have more freedom.

One of my biggest beefs with 4th edition was just... some of the enemies really were annoying me. I mean, I didn't find it right when my paladin, whom I'd been seriously working out to be a tank, would easily find her defenses, the ones she should be good in, over-powered by some goblin shaman. I mean, if my character who is supposed to have the highest Defense/Fortitude/possibly even Will in the party is being effortlessly overcome by some of the enemies attacks, then what happens with all of the characters who have the more average defenses? They're eaten. Whole. Omn nom. My tanks never actually felt like -tanks-, nevermind the fact that with my defense increasing just as fast as the enemies attack is, there's never any moment where you actually feel more powerful. You're just the same power level because the difference in numbers of their attacks versus your defenses is staying the same.

I don't know if they've changed/fixed/done anything to all of that, though, since we haven't looked at any of the new books. We'll see if we get back into it, but I have to admit, whenever I'm itching to just dungeon crawl, it's always D&D that comes to mind.

There's a new system out... I'm going to have to look it up, but it's being rumored as "4th Edition done right" or "D&D 3.75". It's something we want to take a look at. Pathfinder. That should be it. Okay, so it's not really a new system, it's just a new book for 3.5 that upgrades some things. But that's the thing, instead of building a new edition, it just improves upon what is already there.

I do believe it was written by a guy who broke away from working for WotC...

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