D&Ded Part 4
Sorry i've been gone for two weeks. I've just been doing stuff and I pretty much completely forgot to update. Sorry about that. I'm planning on making another update tomorrow, fingers crossed, which will include whatever + "something" stuff I generally put into these D&D updates. It's just going to be more other stuff to talk about, so they deserve their own article. So expect that after I sleep. For now, i'll brief you on D&D. All Eberron this time. :3

So, last Sunday...we didn't do much. We got to the port city and we spent the session gearing up for our trip to the marshes to search for dragon shards. We all picked up some important gear here and there and got our gold from the last few missions and everything.

Then, we met our prospector, who is this grizzly, weathered old half-orc woman. She looks old, but also like she's been through a lot, which made her look even older, so she may not be as old as we think. 50s-60s, most likely. Especially since half-orcs have slightly lesser life spans than humans.

From her and some other people around, we learned more about the marshes and the creatures we were going to be dealing with.

It appears that there is a perimeter of living tree monsters, they're aberrations, surrounding a certain area of the marsh. It is clear that they are forming a perimeter because of how they're placed and the prospectors who have tried to get past them have all been killed. From the areas just outside of the perimeter, which contained a number of smaller dragon shards, the prospectors surmised that much bigger ones were inside the perimeter.

Also, one group that got near to the trees saw some sort of humanoid figures off in the distance inside the perimeter, along with some kind of spiky animal.

And that's all we got last session. It ended with us getting on our boat for the six hour trip to the marshes.

This session, we landed on one of the more solid parts of the marshes and we saw a tree ahead, along with a rather large dragon shard geode sitting in front of it. Three members of the party handily won their will save and saw through the illusion. Our wacky Shifter Bard/Cleric of the Traveler yelled out at the tree that it's tricks weren't going to work on us. Then the geode faded away, as it appeared the tree understood Common.

We all jumped over to dry land, across the muck part, and advanced on the tree. Our human fighter/cleric of the Silver Flame, Shifter  bard/cleric of the Traveler, and Warforged Psion/Fighter advanced on the tree and attacked. We had cast all of our buffs earlier, so we had like +5's to +10's to attack and also +6's to damage. So we were good to go. I cast Doom on it and threw my fiery Meteoric Knife at it. That, combined with everyone else pummeling it, it died pretty quickly. It tried to escape by going into the ground, but that prompted opportunity attacks from the frontline fighters. And our Silver Flame cleric critted. Let's just say the tree died...it died hard.

Our DM was expecting the tree to get away and recover for later, not for us to kill it. So now we don't have to worry about fighting it again, lucky that. Afterwards, we advanced inward a bit and the prospectors got to work collecting dragon shards with their Dragon Marks of Finding.

Then, when it started getting dark, we noticed a humanoid figure off in the distance. We couldn't make him out very well, but he blew a horn and retreated. We also retreated back to the boats, with the party camping out where the tree used to be.

Just as the sun was about to go behind the horizon, we were approached. It turns out that the humanoid figures were Githyanki and the spiky animals were Howlers. So that should be fun. There's two Githyanki and one Howler, so it shouldn't be too bad. Just don't get too close. At least I can use Hold Person and Command on them (I couldn't use them on the tree because it was neither a person nor had a understandable mind for me to control).

And that's where we ended for the session.

Next session should be fun.

So, i'll be making an update after I sleep about my going ons and what i'm up to. See you then.

Wikipedia + Job + College + DA
Now to talk about the extra stuff that I didn't talk about before. I'll be going in order with the title bar.

Lately, i've gotten back onto a Wikipedia kick, having become really involved with the processes. This generally happens to me every few months, though I think I might be here to stay this time. I've had the same account on Wikipedia since 2006 and edited as an anonymous IP address for a little bit before that. But, really, from then up until a few weeks ago, I didn't really do much. Sure, i'd had about 1600 edits from that time frame and had made a few nice articles and helped out here and there, but I don't feel like I really accomplished much.

But the last few weeks have been different. I've made over 300 edits in just two weeks and i've completed a number of new articles of rather good length. I've also submitted a number to DYK (the Did You Know section on the front page of Wikipedia) and also participated a lot more in Articles for Deletion. I feel like i'm actually making some sort of difference this time around and that's interesting.

Of course, i'm glad about the fact that i'm much more mature now than I used to be. I don't get into useless fights anymore, I generally concentrate only on things I actually have a chance of winning. I also no longer just blow up on people that annoy me and argue against me. Instead, I focus on policy and logic in order to get my way. It's really a lot of fun.

And it's nice to feel like i'm contributing to something.

Second topic.

It looks like I might just be getting a job...maybe. I got an interview, at least. It was last Thursday and I feel like it went well. I just have to wait for them to call me back. It would be nice to have a job so I actually have money for stuff. That would help a large amount.

That's really all I have to say about that. Fingers crossed and all for getting it. I really need it.

Third topic.

Later today, i've got an interview with a therapeutic counselor. Hopefully, with his or her help, i'll be able to get a letter to finish off the professional section of the dependency override form and then i'll be able to submit the form, which will then allow me to talk to a college counselor, which will then allow the counselor to finish inputing the FAFSA, which will then allow me to apply for housing, the waiver therein, and be done with pretty much everything I need to do for college.

Except for that math test. But i'm going to do that after I finish everything else, so I can really focus on it. There's no rush to do it anyways.

So...yeah...i've got my row of dominoes. Once i'm able to knock the first down, all the rest will fall over and everything will work out. Just got to knock that first one over though.

Fourth and last topic.

I haven't really used my DA in a while and I check it sparingly. I'm just no longer really interested in DA or the going on's there. So I think I might be closing my account within the next week. It might not be forever, but it'll be for a few months, at least.

I've got a few loose ends to tie up on there and i'll be making a final journal to explain everything, but yeah...I really don't need that account anymore. I have much more interesting accounts in other places that allows me to connect with people more and to get better critique.

Just wanted to let whoever's reading this know about that.

And that's all I got for news for right now. I'll make another journal before Sunday if something else comes up that I want to talk about. It'll probably be about what happen later today, most likely. Until then, ciao.


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