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Math really, really sucks
I'm apparently good at it, but that doesn't make me like it any more. It's still a horrible subject of evil that I have to slog through to get to my true love, biology. I like history too, actually, I like history a lot, but I really don't want to be a history major. Nothing I find compelling career-wise in that direction.

Anyhow...yeah, math. I have to do a stupid math placement test. I can do it online, sure, and yeah, I can take it three times. But that doesn't make me hate it any less. Especially not after I looked at the practice test and realized that I knew what the questions were asking me to do, but I had no idea on how to do it. Especially the trig. Trig is an abomination. I liked calculus more than straight trig just because calculus made more sense than trig, which is backwards, I know.

Luckily, I don't have to do the test immediately, so i'm going to hold off on it for a few days and study and work my way through the practice test. Hopefully most of it will come back to me and I won't have a problem with it. It would be awesome to get a perfect score.

Of course, the test isn't binding or anything. It just calculates my score and advises me on which math class I should end up taking. But i'd still prefer to do well and be in the harder class, if only to not have to take an extra class later on. Money and all that. I can still take the harder class even if I score horribly, but i'd just feel more confident in myself if I know that I am completely and absolutely qualified.
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