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Every Sunday after our weekly D&D game, i'm going to come on here and talk about what happened. If you're not interested in D&D, then go away. :P

Anyhow, for you, my dear reader, to understand what exactly was going on in today's session, I must detail what happened in past sessions, though i'm going to be sparing and only go over the plot details so as to save time. Otherwise, this entry might end up being a novella length attempt. Which I so do not have the time for!

Anyhow, I joined the crew after they had already been in sessions through a few campaigns at the time, they were all level 3, if that's any indication of time to you. My character's name is Drel. He is a Whisper Gnome. Since we are running a high-powered Gestalt campaign, every character is dual-classing, which means that they are two types of classes simultaneously, not just one. For me, i'm part Rogue, which should be obvious for a gnome, and I am also an Archivist. An Archivist is one of the newer types of classes, which came into being in junction with the Artificier, I think. Anyhow, an Archivist has the ability to cast every type of Divine magic, granted that he is able to obtain a scroll or spellbook that has the spell inscribed. Awesomely, this means that he can cast both Cleric and Druid spells, along with any other Divine spells for other classes, no matter the type. Though he cannot cast any Arcane spells, so no Fireball or Magic Missile for me. My spells are more for healing, buffing, or helping with my Roguish tendencies.Whisper Gnomes also get a bunch of racial trait extras, but i'm not going to bother saying what they are, since they don't really matter to you, my reader, anyhow. If you want to know, go look it up on D&D Insider.

Also, the world we're playing in is Eberron, an alternative D&D world, which is really a lot more fun because it gives greater opportunities for roleplaying and allows the DM to be more free in his/her creation of the campaign. The world itself also has a very interesting storyline that I like far better than normal D&D and the play system is much better than, say, 4th ed.

On to plot.

So, quite a while time ago when I first joined the campaign, the group was searching through a series of old catacombs in a rundown part of a city whose name I can't remember. They had been finding large amounts of limestone deposits that seemed to have grown far too quickly to be normal and also found in one chamber a bunch of cages with prisoners. The prisoners were an elf and some fish men. The creatures holding them were the other type of fish men, more shark men really. So, I join in the party at this point, we say I was breaking in too and hiding stealthily in the corner. We kill the bad fishmen, release the prisoners and continue the search. In the final room, we run into a fish man cleric or magic caster or something, along with some weird tentacled abomination that was being referred to as the Leviathan. We killed them, after a tough battle in which the Leviathan exploded in multiple tiny Leviathans with poison attacks, and collected the treasure. I got a really awesome Meteoric Knife from the encounter, which has the ability to return to my hand after i've thrown it, hit the opponent while on fire and then return, or hit the opponent, explode, and then return, once per day. It does 3d6 extra damage from the exploding. It's awesome.

Anyhow, we also found some kind of strange, pure black artifact that is about two hands tall and looked rather frightening. It was this object that the other people of the party had been sent to find and bring back to a professor at the nearby university. I had been sent by the Library of...Corinth? to also find this and make sure it was safely delivered to the right hands. So we were pretty much on the same path.

When we exit the catacombs, we are confronted by a bunch of undead and a vampire that is wearing something that identifies him as belonging to the Emerald Claw. They're this evil group of evil that does evil things and whatnot. I don't really know all that much about them myself. The fishmen and the elf come back to help us in the fight. We slaughter the undead and the vampire runs away without even being able to do anything even remotely effective. It was quite amusing.

We bring the artifact to the professor. He says he needs to study it and that it will probably take a week or so. He then asks us if we can make sure that this magic armor that was received from some sort of auction safely gets delivered by train to this town called Passage in the meantime. We agree and do so. On the train ride to passage, we get ambushed by a group of people who teleported on top of the train. We fight them and kill them through some rather imaginative spellwork and fighting. Upon beating them, we find that someone else is trying to steal the crate down below. We rush down and fight the thief, who had been caught and harmed by the myriad of traps we had set, and find out that he is also working for the Emerald Claw. He was a Necromancer/Rogue, actually. Necromancers have some pretty bad-ass abilities. Oh, and one of the people on top of the train had been of the Duskblade class, which are pretty awesome too.

So we tie him up and get to Passage, delivering him and the merchandise to the right people. We then go and collect our money from the bank for the job, whereupon we receive a note from the professor (we're onto what happened in today's session now) that says that he was able to figure out, through the help of a magic casting acquaintance, that the artifact is emanating...something. Something bad. So he locked it in a Anti-magic room for the time being. But those rooms are expensive, so we should hurry up. He says that we should go and get the help of a Arch Druid that he knows that lives in the Eldeen Reaches. To get there, we have to cross this freaking huge lake, 300 miles across. Luckily, Passage is a port on this lake. And Passage has wind galleys, which go really freaking fast because they use the power of Dragonmarked guys to direct the wind. Oh, and I have a Lesser Dragonmark of Scribing myself. It has to do with the plot of the world of Eberron. Dragonmarks are awesome.

So, we take a wind galley across, it only takes us a day or two. Then we get a coach to take us the rest of the way to the city of Neirn, where the druid is. During the night that we are camping, being halfway there, we get ambushed by a human, a gnoll, and a Dire Ape. ...monkeys. You never want to fight monkeys or apes in Eberron, or D&D for that matter. They are the most evil things ever. They get four attacks per round and they can use Rend on you if a certain attack hits. Which just means you die. You die really hard. Luckily, we were able to gang up on the Dire Ape, while casting Calm Emotions on the other two so they just stood there doing nothing, and killed the Ape without it hurting us. It only had about 25 hitpoints anyhow, lucky for us. And then we one by one killed the other two. I got to use my explodey knife and did 18 damage. I love my explodey knife. Though I wasn't able to sneak attack anyone, sadly, but it worked out fine.

The human had three alchemical swords, which means they were imbued with alchemical fire, alchemical frost, and...the last one was something else that possibly was holy water mixed with something. We had no idea. And the gnoll had an intelligent, symbiotic, evil tentacle arm. Which came off when it died. We stuffed it in a box. We may use it, since it doesn't have the power to take any of us over. Though we're not sure exactly what its main attack is, other than that it can poison someone, since we killed the gnoll before it could use it.

Oh, and the human was a Hexblade. I know, another "blade" class. We were joking around trying to guess what other classes there could be with a "blade" title in it. I'm still going for Nightblade. Hexblades have an innate ability to curse someone once per day and it hurts their rolls and such. It was a pretty nasty curse and it hit our cleric, which was amusing.

And that's all I know so far, since the session ended there. Next time, we're going to examine the corpses more closely and it has been strongly hinted that we'll find something Emerald Claw related on them, obviously. Also, the human was able to cast Dancing Lights into the air before he died, which acts like a flare. So that means he was informing someone about us...which means we might need to move to another spot rather quickly next time to hide. But I guess we'll have to find out next Sunday. It's going to be fun. :3

If you have any specific questions about my character, the campaign, or the world of Eberron, feel free to ask and i'll answer to the best of my ability.


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